The Shifting Scenes – Mao Chun-fai on Text, Stage and Performance

Hong Kong theatre maestro sharing his insights on theatrical creation 

Text, stage and performance are key elements to a successful theatrical production, and they have changed considerably over the past half century. In Mao Chun-fai’s over three-decade long participation in the Hong Kong theatre scene, these three elements are not only essential to his works but opening up an array of unique subjects, diverse forms of performance and cross-disciplinary performing approaches. Echoing the theme of this year’s “Hong Kong Week” “From Text to Stage”, Mao will be joined by three artists he collaborated with including Lo Chih-cheng, Alice Lau and Amy Wu, as he talks about his theatre works including Love in a Fallen City, Secret of Resurrection, The Liaisons and The Legend of a Storyteller, and shares some of his own experiences and insights on theatrical creation.


Date: 2019/9/28 Sat 2-4pm

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An exhibition on Director Mao’s creative journey will also be held.

2019/9/28 Sat 4-6pm

2019/9/29 Sun 10am-6pm

2019/9/30 Mon 10am-1pm

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Mao Chun-fai Founder & Director of Performing Arts Asia, Director Laureate of Hong Kong Repertory Theatre


Lo Chih-cheng Taiwanese poet, writer, cultural critic, media worker
Alice Lau Hong Kong famous stage actress
Amy Wu Hong Kong famous Cantonese opera actress & singer

Produced by: RhapsoArts Management

Organised by: DFUN