About Hong Kong Week


In the blink of an eye, “Hong Kong Week”, presented by the Hong Kong-Taiwan Cultural Co-operation Committee, has come to its eighth year. In the past, we have featured different themes in “Hong Kong Week” such as dance, drama, music, etc. Thanks to the staunch support of the arts and culture sector of Taiwan and the public, “Hong Kong Week” has become an annual highlight in the arts and culture scene to which everyone looks forward.


For this year, we have chosen “From Text to Stage” as the theme, as it presents a choice selection of diversified adaptations of text to the stage. The City Contemporary Dance Company has invited eminent Hong Kong choreographer Helen Lai to create Winterreise.The Rite of Spring which interweaves dance and classical music. Renowned theatre director Tang Shu-wing instills a rich imagination into Shakespeare’s classic with physical theatre in The Tragedy of Macbeth. Hong Kong Sinfonietta’s A Soldier’s Story 5.0 – The Devil Returns, also featuring young Taiwanese violinist Tseng Yu-chien and dance artist Chen Wu-kang, fuses music, dance and text. A chamber opera Ghost Love by composer Chan Hing-yan to a libretto by Yi Heng is based on Xu Xu’s novella in the 1930s. It is an operatic exploration interacting music and literature. We hope these renditions of classics in different artistic forms will demonstrate to the Taiwan’s audiences the creativity of Hong Kong’s arts. In The Shifting Scenes – Mao Chun-fai on Text, Stage and Performance, I hope to indulge in the fond memories of the inspirations from texts to the stage that I gathered in my career with my beloved guests and Taiwanese audience.


Apart from performing arts activities, the Innovative Entrepreneur Association will present a large-scale exhibition, HK Illustration X Original Design Brands Exhibition. Let us stride ahead together in promoting extensive artistic exchanges between Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Convenor of Hong Kong-Taiwan Cultural Co-operation Committee

Fredric Mao Chun-fai